The quality of our products

All our products are carefully reviewed before shipment.

Brand New Items.
In the case of new items, we only sell products without imperfections, in the event that any small detail exists, it will be reported in the description.

Factory Sealed Items.
Despite being new and unopened products, we classify these items as Factory sealed because they may present wrinkles, tears, a little dirt or small breaks in the packaging cellophane, but the product will not be damaged unless mentioned in the description.

Used Items.
Second hand products are carefully inspected, Surface Records usually offers only products in good condition, we do not handle products that were used for rent due to the low quality they present.

Used Items Gradding.

Media = Disc
Sleeve = Art work, Booklet, Insert, Front & Back Cover, Obi.
Case = Jewel Case, Digipak, Paper Sleeve (Mini-LP, Cardboard Sleeve), Digisleeve, etc.
Obi = Obi Srip, Strip, Band
Sticker Obi = Some Japanese editions comes with a sticker intead of the obi.
Released Without Sticker = some productions are made without obi or stickers.

On Disc:
- Near Mint: Scratch-free, generally close to mint condition
- Very Good +: Normally scratch-free, rarely could it show some hairline or very small mark without problems to play.
- Very Good: Shows marks in the recorded area without problems to play, only rare products, difficult to obtain or special orders.

On Sleeve:
- Near Mint: It looks very good, without damage but considering that it is not a new product, factors that influence the gradding variation can be the quality of the paper and the date of completion, etc., if you are very concerned about the condition, you can contact us to solve your questions.

- Very Good +: Art work may show some small nail marks, very small wear, sometimes yellowish color on inserts or obi, etc. Any other details will be mentioned in the description.

Jewel case on second hand items could show slightly signs of use.